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Project Summary

The overall objective of the project is to counter misinformation about migration through the engagement of young people. The specific objectives are:

  • To increase creative skills.
  • To encourage critical thinking and young people’s spirit of initiative in regards to misinformation and migration.
  • To foster media literacy among young people.
  • To enhance awareness on migration.
  • To provides young people video-making basic competencies.
  • To create new migration narratives by using the participatory-video method.


The direct participants will be young people between 20 and 29 years old. The project is carried out by a partnership whose strength is diversity, involving both public associations, and social enterprises. The participating organizations come from 7 countries, among the most involved in the migration phenomenon: Irland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Romania, France

What we do

After an initial country-field research on the topic of misinformation and migration, the reCREATE partnership will focus his action towards the development of an e-learning course about media literacy and technology literacy, aimed to develop basic competences to verify information, understand digital communication and enhance critical thinking. Afterwards, the project provides a blended mobility of youth aimed to acquire video-making skills in order to develop alternative narratives using creative tools. The blended mobility foresees a virtual part of mobility, during which participants with be provided with the basic video-making skills and a physical one, where they develop a participatory-video. By using this inclusive and innovative methodology, the young participants will create alternative narratives that will go beyond stigmatization and misinformation.

Kick-off Meeting
Midterm Evaluation Meeting
Final Evaluation
Multiplier Event – Berlin
Multiplier Event – Greece
Blended Mobility Athens